Touchscreen keypad

The INT-TSI keypad is a real command center for a smart alarm system. As its interface can be customized to individual user's needs, it provides a perfect solution both for people expecting ease of operation and for advanced users who make use of the extended system functionality.

  • capacitive glass touchscreen with 7" LCD
  • graphic operating interface, customizable to individual user's needs
  • an option to choose from a few graphics design
  • MACRO functionality to implement a sequence of actions using a single button
  • capability of viewing images from IP cameras (MJPG via HTTP and in v1.04: MPEG-4, H.264 via RTSP)
  • "Intercom" widget - video intercom functionality; cooperation with door stations supporting the SIP protocol
  • an additional keypad can be connected via Ethernet to each keypad connected to the bus - which makes it possible to double the number of keypads in the system
  • wide range of dedicated widgets for various functions, including weather widget to which forecast is downloaded from the service
  • scalability of the widget size
  • capability to present the system state in the screensaver mode
  • photo frame function
  • capability of saving the user interface configuration directly from TSI Builder program to keypad over Ethernet
  • available in white (INT-TSI-W) and black (INT-TSI-B)

The operation of the "Intercom" widget in the INT-TSI keypad working with door stations supporting the SIP protocol was checked on various test sets. The best results were obtained with the following door station models:

  • Akuvox R20A - firmware version 320.30.3.125
  • Akuvox R20BX2 - firmware version
  • Akuvox R20K - firmware version
  • 2N IP Base - firmware version

EN-50131 GRADE 3 - certificate
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quick installer guide
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EU declaration of conformity
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EN-50131 GRADE 3 - certificate
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Technical Data

Supply voltage
12 V DC
Operating temperature range
Standby mode current consumption
500 mA
Max. current consumption
620 mA
430 g
Maximum humidity
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Supported memory cards
microSD, micro SDHC
Enclosure dimensions (width x height x thickness)
196 x 129 x 22 mm

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