RS485 to USB interface

ACCO-USB is a converter used to connect the ACCO access control system with a PC computer. It allows the RS-485 communication bus to be connected via USB serial port to the computer with ACCO-SOFT-LT software installed. Thus the administrator of the system gets easy and convenient access to all of its components. Direct connection of the ACCO-USB-CZ proximity card reader provides an easy way to add new users and manage their permissions. The converter does not require installation of special drivers and is powered directly from the USB port.

  • RS-485 ACCO system bus to PC USB connection
  • reader socket for ACCO-USB-CZ system management reader
  • powered by USB port
  • Plug&play installation
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general information manual
updated: 2022-12-19
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EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2022-12-29
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Technical Data

Enclosure dimensions
125 x 114,5 x 31 mm
Operating temperature range
+5…+40 °C
Supply voltage
5 V (received from USB port)
250 g

Information materials


3leaflet - installer

4technical data

5product data sheet