Backup power supply

The APS-15 backup power supply is designed to power devices included in alarm, video and intercom systems, operating at 12 V DC voltage. The high-efficiency switching power supply, which is used in its construction, provides good power performance with low thermal losses. Power supply output current is 1.5 A. The device is supplied with AC voltage within 17 V to 20 V range.

APS-15 is provided with short circuit and overload protection. Microprocessor-based battery charge testing, precise voltage regulation and automatic disconnection in case of excessive discharge are used to ensure good condition of the batteries and extend their service life, reducing the risk of damage.

The power supply is provided with a tamper switch. Two LEDs are used to indicate the presence of mains power and battery power. The troubles, if any, are additionally signaled by sound. The alarm system is notified about troubles owing to two OC type outputs. Changes in their status provide information about the battery voltage drop below the permissible value (also caused by disconnecting or failure of the battery) or mains power loss (i.e. absence of voltage on the AC inputs).

  • high effectiveness switching mode power supply
  • 1.5 A total output current
  • short circuit and overload protection built-in
  • desgined for use with sealed lead-acid batteries
  • battery charging circuitry with current controller
  • battery deep discharge protection
  • 2 OC outputs for remote supervision
  • optical indication of power supply state
  • acoustical failure indication
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general information manual
updated: 2018-01-31
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Technical Data

Environmental class
Transformer supply voltage
230 V AC
Output voltage (±15%)
12 V DC
OC outputs rating
50 mA
Battery type
12 V 7 Ah
Power supply rating
1,5 A
Enclosure dimensions
170 x 270 x 81 mm
Board dimensions
102 x 76 mm
Operating temperature range
+5…+40 °C
Main board supply voltage (±15%)
20 V AC
2250 g

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