CA-64 O-R

Output expansion module

Meet the successor CA-64 O-R!



Output expansion module



An extension module for VERSA and INTEGRA control panel outputs making it possible to extend a system with 8 additional outputs. Depending on the module variant, this may include "open collector" type outputs, relay outputs or a combination of both these types.

  • system expansion with 8 outputs
    • 8 relay outputs
CA-64 O-R
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user manual
updated: 2009-03-25
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Technical Data

Environmental class
Max. number of outputs
Max. relay switched voltage
24 V
Max. relay switched current
2 A
Supply voltage
12 V DC
OC outputs rating
50 mA
Board dimensions
140 x 68 mm
Operating temperature range
-10…+55 °C
118 g
Current consumption (w/o OC type output load and w/o active relays)
36 mA
Current consumption by active relay
20 mA

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