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Wireless LCD keypad for INTEGRA control panels

Meet the successor INT-KWRL-SSW!



Wireless LCD keypad


The INT-KWRL wireless keypad enables operation and programming of the INTEGRA control panels. It is designed to work as part of the ABAX two-way wireless system. INT-KWRL offers full functionality known from the wired keypads. In addition, it has a built-in proximity card / proximity tag reader. Thanks to this functionality you can operate the system without having to remember the password. With these passive transponders it is possible to set the alarm system to the full arm mode, disarm the system, and also clear the alarm.

High-performance batteries used in the INT-KWRL keypad allow continuous operation of the device for up to 3 years. Such efficiency has been made possible by using, among other things, a separate battery for backlight of the display and keys. To further reduce power consumption, you can disable the proximity card reader (for example, where proximity cards are not to be used to operate the alarm system). This device has been designed for the users who prefer a traditional alarm system user interface, but at the same time expect attractive design solutions. An additional advantage of the wireless keypad is its great flexibility with regard to the installation location, as there are no restrictions here connected with laying the cables.

  • supported by INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus (firmware 1.17 or later) control panels
  • ACU-120 or ACU-270 controller is required to connect to the control panel
  • full functionality, equivalent to wired LCD keypads
  • two-way encrypted radio communication in the 868 MHz band
  • operating range in open area:
    • up to 800 m in connection with ACU-120
    • up to 400 m in connection with ACU-270
  • built-in reader of passive transponders: proximity cards and proximity tags
  • PANIC, FIRE, AUX alarms triggered from the keypad
  • audible signaling of selected events in the system (piezoelectric transducer)
  • two operating modes: active/inactive
  • wake-up option
  • configuration via:
    • DLOADX program (version 1.17.001 or later)
    • keypad running in service mode
  • large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • display language according to the control panel language version
  • LEDs for indication of partition / system status
  • white backlight of display and keys
  • tamper switch triggered by opening of the enclosure and removal from mounting
  • enclosure for quick and easy installation
  • power supply: two CR123A 3 V batteries
available while supplies last
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general information manual
updated: 2018-05-17
895 KB

Technical Data

Enclosure dimensions
145 x 143 x 25 mm
Operating temperature range
374 g
Maximum humidity
Operating frequency band
868,0 ÷ 868,6 MHz
2 x CR123A 3V
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Standby current consumption, BT1 battery
5 µA
Maximum current consumption, BT1 battery
50 mA
Standby current consumption, BT2 battery
1 µA
Maximum current consumption, BT2 battery (card reader disabled)
45 mA
Maximum current consumption, BT2 battery (card reader enabled)
90 mA
Radio communication range (in open area) for ACU-120
800 m
Radio communication range (in open area) for ACU-270
400 m

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4technical data

5product data sheet

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