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Wireless radiator thermostat

The ART-200 is a wireless radiator thermostat. This device is designed to control the temperature in closed rooms and thus reduce energy consumption. The ART-200 thermostat allows remote and manual control of the radiator valve.
The ART-200 is designed to operate as part of the two-way ABAX 2 wireless system and it is supported by:

  • ARU-200 radio signal retransmitter.

The ART-200 thermostat can be installed on radiator valves with M30x 1.5mm thread. The thermostat comes with an adapter, which also allows it to be installed on the Danfoss RA valve.

The ART-200 is powered by two LR6 AA batteries.

The comfort and economy temperature settings can be changed using thermostat buttons or with keypads (e.g. INT-TSI touchscreen keypad) or via the INTEGRA CONTROL or PERFECTA CONTROL mobile app.

  • installation on valves with M30x1.5 mm thread
  • temperature control range from 5°C to 30°C
  • 3 modes of head operation:
    • comfort temperature
    • economy temperature
    • manual setting of the valve position / temperature
  • remote switching of the head to “comfort temperature” or “economy temperature” mode
  • remote temperature setting for “comfort temperature” and “economy temperature” modes
  • selection of the temperature sensor used:
    • built-in
    • external (ABAX 2 device equipped with temperature sensor)
  • fast heating function (Boost Heat)
  • valve descaling function
  • open window detection
  • protection against children (Child Lock)
  • thermostatic head status viewing
  • LCD display for easy operation and configuration
  • battery charge indicator
  • encrypted two-way radio communication using the 868 MHz frequency band (AES standard)
  • diversification of transmission channels – 4 channels allowing automatic selection of the one that will ensure transmission without interference with other signals in the 868 MHz frequency band
  • remote upgrade of the device software
  • “ECO” option to extend battery life
  • battery status monitoring function
  • included accessories:
    • adapter for installation on the Danfoss RA valve
    • positioning ring for easier installation on valves with smaller diameters
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general information manual
updated: 2023-01-11
705 KB
quick installer guide
updated: 2022-12-13
361 KB


EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2022-12-20
108 KB

Technical Data

Battery working time (in years)
up to 2
Enclosure dimensions
55 x 102 x 61 mm
Operating temperature range
Max. current consumption
80 mA
136 g
Maximum humidity
Operating frequency band
868,0 Mhz ÷ 868,6 MHz
Radio communication range (in open area)
up to 1000 m
2 x 1,5 V LR6 AA
Standby current consumption
98 µA
Temperature measurement accuracy
Temperature measurement range
Temperature control range
Temperature control accuracy

Information materials


2leaflet - end user

3leaflet - installer

4technical data

5product data sheet

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