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Fire alarm control panel

CSP-100 series are conventional fire alarm control panels in full conformance with the requirements of EN54. They are designed for the implementation of simple systems in small and medium-sized facilities. The benefits of the SATEL control panels are their uncomplicated installation, their aesthetic appearance and the use of a single, standard 12 V battery as a backup power supply source.

  • 4 detection circuits
  • supports remote and virtual panels (using CSP-ETH interface)
  • 4 control inputs with functionality programmed by the installer 
  • 4 outputs programmed by the installer which enable interaction with other systems
  • supports fire and damage transmission devices
  • built-in backup power supply interfacing with a single battery 12 V and AUX 24 V and 18 V power outputs 


The actual appearance of the products may differ from the presented images. Product descriptions are provided in the web service for information purposes only.


installer manual
updated: 2020-04-07
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operation guide
updated: 2018-03-22
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mounting template
updated: 2022-03-25
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compiled: 2018-10-23
Polish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian
compiled: 2017-05-18
compiled: 2024-03-11


Other certificates
updated: 2019-10-04
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Declaration of performance
updated: 2019-10-04
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Certificate of approval
updated: 2023-06-29
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Technical Data

Operating temperature range
-5…+40 °C
Maximum humidity
324 x 382 x 108 mm
Transit temperature range
-25….+55 °C
Normal mains power supply with mains voltage of
230 V AC +10% , -15% 50 Hz
Maximum current draw from the mains
500 mA
Operating duration of the stand-by supply
72 h
Maximum charging current of the battery
1,4 A
Maximum internal apparent resistance of the battery (with cables and terminals in a circuit)
1 Ω
Current draw from the battery when detecting
100 mA
Current draw from the battery when emitting an alarm
170 mA
Current draw from an integrated AC power adapter when detecting
75 mA
Current draw from an integrated AC power adapter when emitting an alarm
130 mA
Sealing of the casing
Weight without the battery
< 3 kg
Events storage capacity
Alarm counter capacity
Clock battery
3 V (CR2032)
Output for communication with PC (service output)
Terminating resistor on terminals for communication with the remote panel
100 Ω
Output for communication with remote panel and CSP-ETH module
Supply output +24V
24 V DC +/-15% / 200 mA max.
Supply output AUX (only for connecting CSP-ETH module): in standard mode
18 V DC +5%, -15%
Alarm resistor on the control input circuit
1 kΩ +/- 5%
Terminating resistor on the control input circuit
10 kΩ +/- 5%
Number of programmable control inputs
Electrical parameters of relay outputs
1A / 30 V DC (NO or NC)
Number of detection circuits
Maximum resistance of the detection circuit
100 Ω (2 x 50 Ω)
Maximum number of detectors on the detection circuit
Maximum number of manual call points (ROP) on the circuit
Terminating resistor on the detection circuit
5,6 k Ω +/- 5%
Maximum detection current of the detection circuit
10 mA
Maximum current in the circuit during an alarm
40 mA
Current limiting level of the detection circuit
54 mA
Maximum resistance of the circuit for alarm and fault signalling devices
75 Ω (2 x 37,5 Ω)
Number of external circuits for signalling devices
Working voltage of the circuits for signalling devices
24 V DC +/-15%
Maximum current of the circuits for signalling devices
180 mA
Terminating resistor on the circuit for signalling devices
10 kΩ +/-5%
Number of alarm transmission circuits
Working voltage of the alarm transmission circuit
24 V DC +/-15%
Maximum current of the alarm transmission circuit
180 mA
Terminating resistor on the alarm transmission circuit
10 kΩ +/-5%
Number of fault transmission circuits
Working voltage of the fault transmission
24 V DC +/-15%
Maximum current of the fault transmission circuit
180 mA
Terminating resistor on the fault transmission circuit
10 kΩ +/-5%
Number of programmable relay outputs
Stand-by supply: internal acid battery
12 V / 17 Ah
Stand-by supply: external acid battery
12 V / ≤24 Ah
Supply output AUX (only for connection of CSP-ETH module): with AC power supply failure
12 V DC +15%, -20%

Information materials

3leaflet - installer

5product data sheet

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