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Demonstration version of STAM-2 program

STAM-2 DEMO is a demonstration version of the STAM-2 Pro program, that allows you to become familiar with all its functionality.

STAM-2 DEMO allows connection to the server of STAM-2 monitoring station located at SATEL's head office and available to the outside users. Thus you can manage the signals received by modules of the station.

The application enables the incoming events to be handled by several operators on multiple networked workstations. The software is compatible with the system of visual alarm verification. Transmissions sent via telephone line, Ethernet (TCP/IP) or GSM (SMS and CLIP), coming from more than 50 000 subscribers, can be received. Each subscriber can be assigned several identifiers. Different categories of incoming codes (alarm, arming, disarming, trouble, restore, test transmission, etc.) can be defined for each subscriber and their identifier.

The program can receive and classify event signals as requiring intervention with automatic signaling of an emergency situation. This allows creating and archiving reports for individual subscribers, operators and the monitoring station system. All received events are logged in the event history log, whether or not identifier of the given event is included in the database. Security of the data being saved is ensured by the encryption function.

  • support for subscribers for monitoring using phone line, GSM network or Ethernet
  • software operates in WINDOWS environment which enables work by multiple operators on many computers connected in a network
  • support for visual alarm verification system
  • support for over 50 000 subscribers
  • possibility to assign several IDs to each subscriber
  • different categories of codes received from subscribers defined independently for each subscriber and ID
  • reporting situations that require intervention
  • selection of events requiring intervention
  • creating reports for subscribers, operators and station systems
  • data archiving
  • possibility to import data from STAM-1 program


See below for a short instruction of using the DEMO program

Activating, setting up and operating STAM-2:

  • Download and install a new test STAM-2 v1.5.08 client version (screen 1)
  • Start the program (screen 2) and log on (screen 3) using the following settings:
    • IP:
    • Port: 3000
    • Login: satel1, satel2, … satel10
    • Password: satel1, satel2, … satel10
  • Enable the event history where you can observe the incoming events from facilities (screen 4).
  • After information regarding an alarm event, malfunction or incorrect standby status is received, take necessary actions (screen 7) previously edited by the system administrator.


Testing extended application functionalities

There is an additional possibility of monitoring by means of a given alarm control panel via a switched track alarm or ETHM or GPRS devices offered by SATEL for the presented server.

Coordinates for STAM cards:

  • Card with address 0 - phone STAM-1P, phone no. (+48) 58 522 66 74
  • Card with address 1 - Ethernet STAM-1RE, IP:
    • Advanced port: 12345, klucz: satel
    • Simple port: 54321, klucz: edbca


Het uiterlijk van de producten kan afwijken van de weergegeven afbeeldingen. Product beschrijvingen zijn te vinden in de web service voor informatieve doeleinden.


Kies versie:  
gemaakt: 2013-05-28
16 MB


Multiuser, multi-workstation monitoring station management software
STAM-2 Set
STAM-2 Set
STAM-2 BS upgrade
Multiuser, multi-workstation monitoring station management software
Upgrade for STAM-2 BASIC to PRO
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